Common Questions About Banjos

Originating from Caribbean in the 17th century, banjo’s have have been a big part of bluegrass and country western music for generations, however they also add a great flavor to indie rock, folk and more.

What Are the Best Banjo Brands?

Two important qualities to consider when purchasing a banjo are weight and manufacturing location. The best banjos are heavy and most are American-made, though beginner banjo’s built outside of the U.S. are great starting options.

Some of our favorite banjo brands brands include: Deering Banjo Company, Gibson, Goodtime, Gretsch, Vega, and Washburn

Where to Buy a Banjo?

At Cream City Music, we have a hand-selected collection of American-made banjos at competitive prices, all backed by our signature 35-point inspection. We only sell the finest banjos, so you know you’re getting great gear at a great price.

Our inventory of used gear is always growing - if you have gear to add, we want to see it!

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