Alexander Pedals Super Neo-Matic Modulation Pedal

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Alexander Pedals' Super Neo-Matic is a tribute to the Pefftronics Randomatic, which is a highly unique modulation effect, with original units selling for over $1000. Now, the Neo-Matic has been introduced as the closest thing available to the vintage Pefftronics units. When set to Vintage mode, it perfectly mimics the original's 8-bit fidelity, and is upped to 24-bit in Modern mode. This pedal has also been updated with modern DSP technology and high-quality components, for a reliable, sturdy feel. The Super Neo-Matic is an incredibly unique-sounding pedal with a sought-after vintage tone and a few new features that bring it into the present.


-Rate (Range)
-Depth (Ramp Rate)
-Mix (Level)
-Bypass and Ramp footswitches