Beetronics Royal Series Royal Jelly Overdrive / Fuzz Blender Pedal


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The Royal Jelly is aptly named - not only because it is part of Beetronics' Royal Series of pedals, but also because of its design. The Royal Jelly is an overdrive/fuzz blender with two sides - Queen and King. The Queen side has controls for Lo, Dry, and OD/Fuzz blending, while the King side has controls for Hi, Volume, and OD/Fuzz blending as well. Whether you're looking to run the two circuits in parallel or separately, you can get a great OD/Fuzz tone no matter what. Rather than switching, you're mixing overdrive and fuzz together. Plus, its EQ gives you 10 decibels of Hi/Lo cut for enhanced tonal sculpting. This is one of the best overdrive/fuzz pedals you can get and is made for the discerning player.


-Dual overdrive/fuzz blender pedal
-Honey, Lo, Hi, Dry, and Volume controls, as well as OD/Fuzz blend knobs on both the King and Queen side.
-Handmade in California