Fulltone 70-BC Fuzz Distortion Guiitar Effects Pedal

available for immediate delivery


This is a brand new Fulltone 70 BC-108C fuzz guitar pedal. This is a woofy, gnarly sounding fuzz based on the Dallas Arbiter using the BC-108C transistors for a nasty and heavily distorted sound. A larger version of this pedal was introduced back in the 90s and was a fairly popular unit for Fulltone. Recently, they sound a large stash of the Silicon transistors used for the original and decided to make the pedal available again in a smaller enclosure with the added benefit of both a mid control to enable the player to cut through a mix and an internal trim pot which allows the player to get softer or harder-edge tones.


∙ volume

∙ Fuzz

∙ Mids

∙ Internal trim pot for edginess and gain