Moxtronix TransTone Fuzz Guitar Pedal


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This is a brand new Moxtronix TransTone fuzz pedal. This is a very versatile fuzz with plenty of useful options. One of the great features of this unit is it has both a gain control and fuzz control. The gain knob controls the amount of signal drive to the clipping amp and widens the range of the fuzz control as it is turned up. The fuzz knob controls the intensity of the fuzz and works together with the gain control allowing the player to fine tune the pedal. As the fuzz increases, the dynamic sensitivity is also increased. It offers rich and versatile asymmetrical clipping. Other cool features include a soft switch which can be thought of as a modern or vintage voicing switch, a filter switch which cuts just the right amount of low and a monetary boost switch. The fine tuning of the gain available with this pedal makes it very ideal for pushing your amp a little harder.


∙ Level

∙ Gain

∙ Fuzz

∙ Boost

∙ Soft mini toggle

∙ Filter mini toggle