Cusack Music Resound Digital Reverb Pedal


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Cusack Music's Resound is a digital reverb pedal that takes much of its inspiration from its Spin Semiconductor FV-1 micro chip. The pedal's function is based around this popular chip, with eight different reverbs, up to eight presets, and a simple set of controls. Its coolest feature may well be its Extend switch, which maxes out decay level, making it easy to create lush, cavernous soundscapes. Parameter 1, Parameter 2, Decay, Mix, and Program are your knobs, with Par. 1 and 2's functions being determined by the Program knob. In addition, a highly useful Level knob, plus Cascade and Trails switches further the Resound's in depth set of controls. As an exceptional pedal, the Resound by Cusack Music will become your go-to for all things reverb.

Overview (from Cusack):

-Separate Live and Preset modes.
-Parameter 1: Varies by program (see manual).
-Parameter 2: Varies by program (see manual).
-Decay: Controls how long the reverb effect lasts.
-Level: Boosts or cuts the overall output signal from the pedal. Noon is unity gain.
-Mix: Controls the dry/wet mix. Fully CCW is 100% dry; noon is 50/50 dry/wet; fully CW is 100% wet.
-Program: Switches between the eight different reverb programs. Program names are located on the front of the pedal. The manual contains more detailed descriptions of the programs, including the functions of Parameters 1 and 2.
-Cascade (used in combination with Extend): Controls whether new notes are added to the extended reverb or not. Left is off; right is on.
-Trails: Controls whether the reverb effect completes or not when the pedal is bypassed. Left is off; right is on.
-L / Bypass: Engages/disengages the pedal (live mode), or engages/disengages the left preset (preset mode).
-R / Bypass: Engages/disengages the pedal (live mode), or engages/disengages the right preset (preset mode).
-Extend: This switch maxes out the decay, which varies by program (see manual). Press once to turn on (large LED blinks fast), and once more to turn off.
-Stereo Out / Expression In: This is the right output jack marked by the empty triangle. It can be used as a stereo output, or an expression pedal input. The functionality is controlled by internal jumpers.