Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Ultra Dual Bass Overdrive Pedal


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With two distinct distortion circuits and a wide array of controls, the Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Ultra is one of the most versatile distortion pedals for bass. The pedal's two distortion circuits can be selected through the Mod knob, which also allows for blending of the two circuits simply by where you have it turned. A six-band EQ allows for further sonic contouring, in addition to Blend, Level, and Drive knobs, as well as "Bite" and "Growl" switches. It even comes with a dedicated headphone output, as well as a balanced direct out. With its unmatched tonal flexibility, the Alpha Omega Ultra is one of the premier bass preamps currently available.


-Blend, Level, Drive, and Mod knobs
-6-Band EQ with Master Volume control
-Growl and Bite switches
-Two distortion circuits: Alpha and Omega