Dwarfcraft Devices HAX2 Limited Edition Ring Modulator Pedal

available for immediate delivery


Dwarfcraft Devices' HAX2 is your one-stop pedal for all things ring modulation/envelope filter. Whether you're looking for a simple square sine wave or something more textured and spacey, you can get it done with the HAX2. Frequency, Speed, Depth, and Blend are your control knobs, while three two-way switches let you choose between Ring/Filter modulation, Sine/Low Pass Filter or Square/Band Pass filter, and Up/Down. Plus, it comes enclosed in a limited edition pink/blue casing that will surely make it stand out on your pedalboard. Whether you're looking for synth-like sounds, a simple low-pass filter, or more nuanced wah-like tones, the HAX2 has you covered.


-Limited Edition of 100
-Ring Modulator with either sine or square wave
-Envelope following for ring mod and filter frequency
-Lowpass and bandpass Filters
-Expression control over the frequency setting in both modes
-Control Voltage out sends the envelop out (0-8v)
-Power Requirements: 75mA
-Enclosure Size: 4.7" x 3.7" x 1.2"