Fender Limited '57 Custom Deluxe 12W 1x12 Tube Combo Amp - Alnico Cream Demo


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This is a demo model amp that is currently on display in our showroom. It is in excellent condition but does show evidence of being unboxed, handled and displayed in our showroom. The amp will ship as shown with full warranty and all the original cover and factory documentation. We are authorized to give a great deal on our demo model Fender amps! Our technicians will fully inspect and test amp before we ship. If you have any questions about this amp or any of our great gear please let us know.

The handwired ’57 Custom Deluxe is Fender's modern recreation of the iconic narrow panel Tweed Deluxe. Produced from 1956 to 1960, the 5E3 Deluxe is one of the most sought after vintage tube guitar amplifiers--and rightly so! It has been the amplifier of choice on countless classic recordings--from Joe Walsh's timeless guitar solo in Hotel California to Eric Clapton to virtually all of Neil Young's electric work. The touch sensitive, midrange-focused Deluxe lends itself perfectly to blues and rock lead guitar.

Fender has revived this classic amp with the '57 Custom Deluxe. Using only the finest modern components and the same bullet-proof assembly practices of the originals, the Custom Deluxe recreates that tone without the reliability headaches and price tag of an original. This incredible reissue faithfully captures the authentic Fender sound that birthed rock ‘n’ roll.

-Power Output: 18 Watts
-Tubes: 5Y3, 6V6 (2), 12AX7, 12AY7
-Controls: Mic Volume, Inst. Volume, Tone
-Dimensions: 20" x 17" x 9.5"
-Weight: 26 lbs

-Original 5E3 circuit
-12" Celestion Alnico Cream
-Premium coupling capacitors
-Mercury Magnetics transformers
-Improved volume pot tapers on both channels
-Solid pine, finger-jointed cabinet
-Includes a protective cover

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It's hard to find a name more synonymous with guitars than Fender. Ever since Leo Fender burst onto the scene with his now-iconic Telecaster, Fender guitars have found homes in the hands of brand new guitar players and seasoned rock stars. When the headstock says Fender, you know you're getting a quality instrument.