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Free Gear Giveaways At Cream City Music

At Cream City Music we give away a cool piece of gear just about every month!

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We draw our winner on the last day of each month and notify the winnerby email.

Our Month Of April Giveaway: Catalinbread's Antichthon Otherworldly Oscillating Fuzz Pedal


Noisemakers rejoice! Win the Antichthon and become a sonic mad-scientist of tone!

The Antichthon delivers other-worldly tone-generating fuzz tremolo that truly defies classification.

"Travel to alternate universes, twisting what used to be your guitar's volume knob"

The true magic of the Antichthon is in the volume knob. Turn it up or down to speed up the otherworldly sounds that the pedal has to offer. Gravity, Time, Volume, and Space are your controls.

If you want to expand your sonic palette with a wide variety of spaced-out sounds, Catalinbread designed this pedal for you!


- Giveaway ends on April 30th, 2018