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0817-giveaways-header.pngFree Gear Giveaways At Cream City Music

At Cream City Music we give away a cool piece of gear just about every month!

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We draw our winner on the last day of each month and notify by email.

Our Month Of January Giveaway: Greer Amps Limited Edition 18th Anniversary Black Fuzz Pedal


Greer Amps has reissued perhaps their most important pedal, the Black Fuzz, for the company's 18th anniversary and we want you to win one of them.

Its one knob controls output level while your guitar's volume and tone knobs work with the Black Fuzz to help you find your perfect tone.

It also responds incredibly well to picking dynamics, so your own playing shines through instead of getting buried.

Plus, with true bypass switching, top quality components, and standard 9V power, the Black Fuzz is easy for anyone to use.

- Giveaway ends on January 31st, 2018