Ibanez BTB1906E 6 String Bass - Brown Topaz Burst Low Gloss


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The BTB1906E is a Premium Series Ibanez bass with a striking aesthetic, top-notch tone, and exceptional playability across all six of its strings. This bass has a 35-inch scale, 9-piece Panga Panga/Purpleheart/Maple neck to provide players with more even string tension, so low-end flop is reduced while preserving high-string sustain. Its through-neck construction and deep cutaway make it easy to access higher frets, and the graphite reinforcement rods inside the neck provide plenty of sturdiness. Its mahogany wing body is finished in an eye-catching Brown Topaz Burst Low Gloss, and is perfectly contoured for the ultimate in playing comfort. Plus, this bass’s dual Aguilar DBC pickups retain the added low-end rumble and high-end clarity coming from its extra strings. If you’re looking to expand your bass horizons past the traditional 4 or 5 string, then look no further than the BTB1906E from Ibanez!


-neck type: BTB6 9pc Panga Panga/Purpleheart/Maple neck-through w/Graphite reinforcement rods
-body: Mahogany wing body
-fretboard: Bound Panga Panga fretboard w/Abalone off-set dot inlay
-fret: Medium Stainless Steel frets w/Premium fret edge treatment
-bridge: MR5 bridge (17mm string spacing)
-neck pickup: Aguilar DCB neck pickup (Passive)
-bridge pickup: Aguilar DCB bridge pickup (Passive)
-equalizer: Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ
-hardware color: Gold

Neck Dimensions:

-Scale: 889mm/35"
-Width at NUT: 54mm
-Width at 24F: 85mm
-Thickness at 1F: 20mm
-Thickness at 12F: 22mm
-Radius: 950mmR

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