Ibanez JIVA10 Nita Strauss Signature - Deep Space Blonde


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Ibanez's JIVA10 is the first signature electric made for a female guitarist, and who better to carry that torch than renowned metaller Nita Strauss. Described by Nita as her "dream guitar", this signature model is filled to the brim with players-grade specs and features, with a comfortable body and neck that give it a remarkable overall in-hand feel. The maple/purpleheart neck and its slim profile provide incredibly smooth fretting-hand feel across all 24 frets. The fingerboard has a unique look to it, with a bound ebony fretboard and "Beaten Path" inlays designed to look like a heartbeat monitor. This signature model has plenty of versatily and power in its DiMarzio pickups as well, thanks to an HSH configuration: Pandemonium humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions with a True Velvet single-coil in the middle. The Edge-Zero II tremolo bridge is a sturdy, dependable piece of hardware designed to handle the most extreme dive-bombs and whammy you throw at it, and is finished in cosmo black along with the rest of its hardware. Top it all off with an eye-catching Deep Space Blonde finish, and you have a remarkable electric that is one of Ibanez's finest.


-neck type: JIVA 3pc Maple/Purpleheart neck
-body: Quilted Maple top/Mahogany body
-fretboard: Bound Ebony fretboard w/"Beaten Path" inlay
-fret: Jumbo frets
-bridge: Edge-Zero II tremolo bridge
-neck pickup: DiMarzio Pandemonium (H) neck pickup (Passive/Ceramic)
-middle pickup: DiMarzio True Velvet (S) middle pickup (Passive/Alnico)
-bridge pickup: DiMarzio Pandemonium (H) bridge pickup (Passive/Ceramic)
-factory tuning: 1E, 2B, 3G, 4D, 5A, 6E
-string gauge: .009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042
-hardware color: Cosmo black

Neck Dimensions:

-Scale: 648mm/25.5"
-Width at Nut: 43mm
-Width at 24F: 58mm
-Thickness at 1F: 19mm
-Thickness at 12F: 21mm
-Radius: 400mmR

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