Ibanez RGEW521ZC Solidbody Electric - Natural Flat


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Ibanez's RGEW521ZC is an RG series solidbody model with a fast-playing neck, scorching set of pickups, and a lightweight in-hand feel. Its Wizard III Roasted Maple neck is perfect for fast scale runs and lead playing, making it easy to navigate across all 24 frets of the bound Macassar ebony fretboard. The guitar has a natural, dark, woody look to it thanks to a natural finish over its Ziricote-topped mahogany body. Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to handle, weighing just over six pounds. And with the RGEW521ZC’s DiMarzio Air Norton and Tone Zone pickups, you have a wealth of sonic textures at your disposal, with plenty of humbucking crunch for high-gain playing. This RG Series Ibanez is a fantastic guitar for heavier playing styles, but has the playability and tonal versatility to please players of all varieties.


-neck type: Wizard III Roasted Maple neck
-body: Ziricote top/Mahogany body
-fretboard: Bound Macassar Ebony fretboard w/Cream dot inlay
-fret: Jumbo frets
-bridge: Fixed bridge
-neck pickup: DiMarzio Air Norton (H) neck pickup (Passive/Alnico)
-bridge pickup: DiMarzio The Tone Zone (H) bridge pickup (Passive/Alnico)
-hardware color: Black

Neck Dimensions:

-Scale: 648mm/25.5"
-Width at NUT: 43mm
-Width at 24F: 58mm
-Thickness at 1F: 19mm
-Thickness at 12F: 21mm
-Radius: 400mmR

Why We Love Ibanez

It’s hard to miss an Ibanez. With innovative designs at a price that is accessible for most musicians, Ibanez Guitars add a flair to your music without breaking the bank. With an innovative lineup for any style of music, you’re sure to find a great Ibanez for your collection at Cream City Music.