JHS Pedals Andy Timmons AT Drive Guitar Pedal


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This is the brand new AT (Andy Timmons) Signature Channel Drive pedal from JHS. Andy Timmons bought a JHS Angry Charlie pedal a few years ago and it quickly became his main dirt channel. JHS had a chat with him during Winter NAMM of 2015 and together they decided to create his very own signature pedal. Thus, the AT was born. The AT has four knobs and a three position toggle switch. The EQ control is a high pass filter that naturally allows you to darken or brighter the overall tone of the pedal. The air control is another high pass filter but it is focused only on the high treble frequencies. This enables you to fine tune the pedal with virtually any amplifier!

The three position toggle switch is the “headroom” toggle. The down position is the 50 watt mode, the middle is the 100 watt mode and the up position is the 25 watt mode. Each mode has various levels of headroom, volume and gain on tap. The toggle switch enables you to get more versatility out of the pedal. Anything from a nice crunch ideal for rhythm to a searing lead tone is available based on where this toggle and gain controls are set. This allows the AT to achieve more overdrive friendly tones that the Angry Charlie cannot.

Essentially the up position will provide oodles of gain, the middle position will provide a cleaner crunch with more volume and headroom perfect for rhythm and the bottom position will provide a beautiful JCM800 crunch and distortion with great leads.

Ultimately this is an extremely versatile overdrive/distortion perfectly capable of creating the saturated tones of a real British tube amp with a 4X12 cab.


∙ Volume

∙ EQ

∙ Air

∙ Drive

∙ 3-way mini “headroom” toggle