Old Blood Noise Endeavors Reflector V2 Chorus Pedal


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The Reflector Chorus from Old Blood Noise Endeavors is a perfectly rich and atmospheric pedal with three forms of modulating power. Wrinkle mode provides a vibrato-esque wavering with tunable pitch selection that reaches a full octave up and a full octave down (via Modulate control). Myriad mode is a classic and full-bodied chorus with four different voicings (via Modulate control). Mirrors mode is an audible drunken stumble with a sound combination between a detuned chorus and a flange with a depth control (via Modulate control). Add in rate, depth, and mix to nuance the effects into your signal and you’ve got a pedal that can span a serious range, from mild and classic to dimension-spanning craziness.

Version 2 features expression out jack and clickless switching with an output level that is tweakable via an internal trim pot.


Rate – Controls the rate of the selected modulation
Depth – Controls the depth of the modulation effect
Mix – Controls the wet/dry mix of the signal
Modulate – Controls individual elements depending on the modulation selected (Wrinkle mode – pitch shift, Myriad mode – voice selector, Mirrors mode – additional depth control)
Bypass – On/off true-bypass switch

Takes 9VDC – 2.1mm center negative pin adapter. 60 mA draw.

Does not include power supply.