Old Blood Noise Endeavors Rever Delay Reverse and Reverb Pedal


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The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Rever was originally released as a limited edition pedal back in 2018, and now is back for 2019. It is a collaboration between OBNE and Brooklyn, NY-based band Datachoir, brought about by similar roots in Oklahoma. The Rever is an incredibly unique pedal that does much more than just Reverb. It is designed to deliver Reverb, Reverse, and Delay, while providing players with an intuitive set of controls to tweak their sound. Seven knobs, two toggle switches, two footswitches let you adjust the Rever. Overall, this pedal has everything you need to craft dreamy, ambient soundscapes with its wide-ranging controls and boutique, attentive construction.


-Reverb section with controls for mix, modulation, and reverb length
-Delay section with controls for volume, delay time, and feedback
-Reverse section with controls for latching or momentary operation and blend between reverse and dry signal
-Order switching - put reverse first for ambient wash, or last for glitchy textures
-Expression jack for external control of the Reverse mix
-Internal trimpot to control output level
-Relay bypass switching and standard 9VDC center negative power