Original Chandler Tube Driver Real Tube Overdrive Pedal by B.K. Butler


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A original Chandler Tube Driver real tube overdrive pedal by B.K. Butler in great cosmetic condition. This is the real deal--120V AC version, not the later wall wart version. Made famous by Dave Gilmour, Eric Johnson and many others, original Tube Drivers are becoming increasingly hard to find. They offer a thick overdrive sound that is difficult to emulate with a traditional transistor-based design. This example is serial #707918. It comes equipped with a strong-testing original Chandler-branded 12AX7, most likely made by E.I. of Yugoslavia. This pedal has been cleaned and serviced. It is fully functional and sounds fantastic.

-Serial #: 7072918
-Tubes: 12AX7
-Controls: Out Level, Hi EQ, Lo EQ, Tube Drive
-Dimensions: 7" x 4.25" x 3"
-Weight: 2 lbs