Spaceman Effects Apollo VII Overdrive - Limited Edition Blue Starlight

available for immediate delivery


Spaceman Effects' Apollo VII was born out of the response to another of their pedals. Spaceman's Voyager I Tremolo generated praise for not only its tremolo effect, but its drive and tone-shaping elements. These have been carefully transferred into the Apollo VII, which is a medium-gain overdrive pedal with a varied, diverse sound. Its straightforward controls include three knobs, analogous to the three-man crews of the Apollo space missions. These controls are knobs for Level, Gain, and Tone. The Apollo VII has up to 40 decibels of gain on tap, and also includes a three-way toggleswitch for clipping options: LED clipping, silicon diode clipping, and no diodes. So, whether you're after a bit of low to midrange grit, or something a little more biting and aggressive, the Apollo VII can handle it. It is also hand-wired and built in Portland, Oregon, like all Spaceman Effects pedals.


-Limited Edition Blue Starlight finish
-Medium-Gain Overdrive
-Level, Gain, and Tone control knobs
-Three-way Clipping Switch (LED clipping, silicon diode clipping, and no diodes)
-Soft-Touch Switching
-Hand-Built in Portland, Oregon