Used Boss DM-2 Delay Pedal

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Overview: Get the Classic Boss analog delay sound with the Boss DM-2. This easy-to-use delay pedal will give you a deep, murky delay that is sure to add plenty of spacey atmosphere to your tone. Operating with three knobs, for Echo, Intensity, and Repeat, you can fine-tune the DM-2 to your liking. The DM-2 runs on an internal battery power as well as on standard 9V power supply (not included). This Delay is one of the most accessible out there, but don't let that fool you; it has exceptional variety in its soundscape. This is arguably one of the most sought after vintage pedals in Boss' entire line and for good reason!

Condition: This DM-2 is in good condition. There are various nicks and scratches on this pedal, but in overall great for it's age!