Used Ibanez Limited Edition FP-777 Flying Pan Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal


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Fully functioning & in excellent condition. Original box included along with instruction manual.

The Ibanez FP777 Flying Pan is a limited edition phaser effect pedal that combines phasing, tremolo and stereo panning, creating a perfect storm of guitar effects. The much sought-after original units cost a mint. Now, after 30 years, the Holy Grail of phasers has flown home! Ibanez will release just 777 of these amazing units for worldwide distribution.

The Flying Pan is packaged in a special 1970's-style faux-vintage distressed box. Your Ibanez PF777 Flying Pan Phaser will look like a classic guitar pedal that was discovered in the pawn shop!

Why We Love Ibanez

It’s hard to miss an Ibanez. With innovative designs at a price that is accessible for most musicians, Ibanez Guitars add a flair to your music without breaking the bank. With an innovative lineup for any style of music, you’re sure to find a great Ibanez for your collection at Cream City Music.