Vox Valvenergy Silk Drive Pedal

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The Silk Drive is an all-new valve overdrive pedal. It offers vintage boutique amp tones, with a focus on harmonics and dynamics. Its Nutube technology and all-analog signal path create amp-like headroom and warmth, yielding an organic sound. Its three ouput modes make it easy to use as an overdrive, preamp, or a direct amp-sim with its built-in cab-sim abilities. And thanks to a high-contrast OLED display, you can easily view your current mode, as well as an oscilloscope so you can visualize how the pedal's knobs affect its signal path. With a range of player-friendly features, the Silk Drive from Vox is an exceptional overdrive pedal for players looking for a vintage-style, organic-sounding overdrive.


-Valve overdrive pedal with all-analog signal path
-Harmonically rich boutique overdrive tones
-Powered by Nutube
-Three output modes for use as a pedal or preamp
-Selectable analog cabinet simulator
-OLED display with oscilloscope
-Active EQ to shape your signal