Walrus Audio Aetos 120V Power Supply

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Walrus Audio's Aetos is a power supply comes with everything you need to power a multitude of different pedals. The Aetos features 8 9V DC outputs (6 at 100 mA, 2 at 300mA) and a custom wound toroidal transformer. The power cord is detachable, and it even comes with eight 2.1mm cables and two 2.5mm to 2.1mm line 6 cables. For all of your pedal powering needs, the Walrus Audio Aetos delivers low-noise operation with incredible functionality.

-Dimensions – 4.7”long  x 3.7” wide x 2” height
-Weight -  3lbs.
-Input – 120VAC
-Output – 6 outputs – 9VDC (100mA), 2 outputs – 9VDC (300mA)
-Fully Isolated DC Power - (Toroidal transformer based supply)
-Items Included – (5 ft 120VAC detachable power cord, 8 – 2.1mm black power cables, 2 – 2.5mm to 2.1mm (red to black) line 6 cables)
-5 year warranty