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Free Gear Giveaways At Cream City Music

At Cream City Music we're giving away a cool piece of gear just about every month!

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Our Month Of June Giveaway:


TC Electronic has built all that is great about the original Vortex Flanger into a mini form factor so there's room for killer flange sounds no matter what your board looks like.

The Vortex Mini Flanger could just as well be a time machine with all the diverse sounds it holds. You want a nice vintage vibed tape flange? It's there! You want a roaring 747 Jet-Flange, or maybe a nice modern hi-fi swirl? Yes, you guessed it, it's there! Due to our proprietary TonePrint technology, the sonic potential of this tiny beast is basically endless.

So let your imagination run wild and go create flange awesomeness.

 - TonePrint-enabled - load Vortex Mini Flanger with your favorite artist's tone
 - Free TonePrint Editor to create your own custom flanger pedal
 - Beam-enabled - send TonePrints to Vortex Mini Flanger through our free TonePrint for iPhone and Android
 - Through-zero-flanger - get the authentic psychedelic flanger sound of the sixties
 - Ultra-small footprint - so wear tiny shoes!
 - True-To-Tone: True bypass and analog-dry-through
 - Put it in front of your amp or in the loop, Vortex Mini Flanger is equally awesome!



- Giveaway ends on June 30th, 2017