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Our Month Of December Giveaway: The JHS Ryan Adams VCR Volume | Chorus | Reverb


The perfect collaboration between JHS Pedals and Ryan Adams, the VCR is a Volume/Chorus/Reverb pedal inspired by the 1980s tones of The Cure and The Smiths. Each effect is able to operate independently or together thanks to a trio of on/off toggle switches that all work in conjunction with the master true bypass switch. The volume/boost is all discreet and can be applied with a wide variety of applications including as a traditional boost or an amp booster, as well an always-on tonal enhancer. The hall reverb may be fixed in terms of its reverb and decay but the knob still adds acts as the level adjustment of a killer-sounding space, especially considering it was designed to Ryan’s exact preferences. Finally, the chorus, likely the most quintessential 80s effect included, emulates a classic-era effect with all knobs at noon. Turned to the left, the rate and depth decrease, to the right, both increase. To top it all off, this pedal also includes a secret lo-fi switch that sincerely takes the entire signal into retro goodness. 

Features (from JHS):


- Ambient-sounding hall reverb spec’d by Ryan Adams
- Toggle switch pulls the effect in and out of the signal path
- Single knob controls the effect’s level

The warm sound of an all-analog, ‘80s-style chorus pedal is vital to getting the guitar sound Adams has been using since his debut album, Heartbreaker. 

- Park the control at noon to be transported to glory days of chorus
- Turning the control up increases the effect’s speed, while decreasing its depth
- Turning the control down decreases the speed, while increasing the depth


- Use as make-up volume when using a lot of the chorus and reverb
- Gobs of output and headroom make a fantastic boost for driving your amp hard
- Punches your sound up above the band with ease
- You’ll find its super-clean and clear tone make a great always-on tone enhancer/buffer

Special thanks to Robert Keeley for his expertise, assistance, and wizardry on the digital parts of this pedal!

- Giveaway ends on December 31th, 2017