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Our Giveaway - 


No you're not hallucinating, the Harbinger Parametric Distortion by Matthews Electronics has landed and it's ready to take your tone to new & unheard-of heights. With the 
wide-ranging set of controls and vintage-inspired tone, the Harbinger Parametric Distortion from Matthews Effects is an excellent pedal for fans of freakishly loud distortion. The Harbinger utilizes original NOS LM308 chips for the most accurately recreated vintage-style distortion tone possible. Sculpt your perfect distortion with Output, Distortion, Freq and Cut/Boost knobs for full jurisdiction over your sound.

Other features, such as soft-touch true bypass switching, custom graphics, and straightforward 9V operation further the Harbinger's value. If you're looking for fully sculpt-able classic distortion tones, then let the Harbinger take your sound to new levels.

Pedal Features (from matthewselectronics.com):

  • Output: controls your overall volume, simply turn it left to right to increase your overall volume
  • Distortion: control decides the amount of overall dirt/distortion that enters the signal path
  • Freq: controls what frequencies you are boosting or cutting (100 – 4khz)
  • Boost/Cut: Lets you cut or boost the selected frequencies, and when in the middle there is no affect to EQ
  • Top Jack Holes
  • 9V Power - No Battery Option
  • Soft Touch True Bypass

But be warned! Once you turn this pedal on, you may never want to turn it off again.  

- Giveaway ends on March 31st, 2017