Acoustic Guitars


What types of acoustic guitars are there?

Acoustic guitars come in many great and different styles. While there are a variety of different shapes, the most popular include the Dreadnought, Parlor, Jumbo, Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium, and Classical acoustic guitars. The variety of shapes and styles help create each guitar’s distinct tone and determine how the acoustic guitar will fit with your body. This means the guitar’s size, curves, and length are all important features to consider when deciding on which acoustic guitar to purchase. Other considerations include brand, tonewood, and of course your preference of design and color.

What are popular acoustic guitar brands?

Ultimately, the best brand will come down to style and sound preferences. At Cream City Music, our most popular acoustic guitar brands include FenderGretschMartinTaylor, and Godin.  

For those looking for a specific year in a guitar manufacturer’s history, we also have an ever-changing selection of top acoustic brands in our collections of vintage acoustic guitars and used acoustic guitars.

What is the best wood for acoustic guitar?

Each wood has its own look, feel, and unique sound quality. An acoustic guitar tonewood helps give each guitar its own personality and distinct sound. While acoustic guitars can range between natural and synthetic tonewoods, the most commonly found include: spruce, cedar, mahogany, maple, rosewood, and koa. Brazilian rosewood is highly regarded with guitarist and will typically be found in our used and vintage acoustic guitars that were made before the 1970’s.

What are the best accessories for acoustic guitars?

While accessories will come down to your specific guitar playing needs, a case and gig bag are essential to any guitarist’s collection. Whether for storing or traveling, a case is essential for proper guitar care.

Slides and capos can help control your tone. If trying to obtain a folk-style sound, a capo might be the accessories you need. Find out how to choose the right capo for your style.

Other acoustic guitar accessories include straps, picks, strings, and maintenance kits, Looking for more? View our full selection of guitar accessories.

Need Help Picking an Acoustic Guitar?

Our expert team can help find the perfect guitar for you. Fill out our Gear Finder form, give us a call, or even visit our Brookfield showroom. No matter how you do it, we'll make every effort to help get that dream guitar into your hands!