Guitar Repair

Cream City Music offers a world-class guitar repair shop, specializing in vintage guitar repair and restoration. The Cream City Music guitar restoration team is comprised of some of the most talented luthiers and techs in the industry, and we are committed to a level of service and quality that is second-to-none.

Talk to us. Unlike many repair shops, we encourage active dialogue between our team and you, our friends and customers. We believe the best setups, custom builds, & guitar and amp modifications can be achieved when you have a direct line to our experts. It's part of what makes Cream City Music unique. We want you to be part of the family.

We do it all. Whether you’ve got a starter-level Epiphone or a classic '69 Telecaster, we can provide the full complement of services, from precision setups, pickup installs, re-fretting, and headstock repair to custom modification or de-modification of your guitar or bass. We cover the entire range of servicing your gear. Don't see what you’re looking for on our menu? Drop us an email, or call 1-800-800-0087. We're here to make your sonic ideas become reality!

Repair Shop Hours

  • Monday : Closed
  • Tuesday : 11 AM - 7 PM
  • Wednesday : 11 AM - 7 PM
  • Thursday : 11 AM - 7 PM
  • Friday : 11 AM - 7 PM
  • Saturday : 10 AM - 5 PM
  • Sunday : 10 AM - 5 PM

  • Signature Setup

    Our Signature Service Setup begins with a complete assessment of the health of your instrument. With years of experience, we will get your guitar playing for you like never before.

    During the setup, we perform the following steps:

    • Adjustment of truss rod
    • Inspection and adjustment of the saddle and nut height as necessary
    • Complete intonation
    • Fingerboard cleaning and conditioning
    • Light cleaning and polishing of the guitar
    • Tightening of all hardware
    • Restring with your choice of brand and string gauge (Cost of strings are not included in the setup)

    A $15 surcharge will be assessed for 12-string, nylon-string instruments, and guitars with locking tremolo due to the increased amount of labor involved.

    Learn more about the Signature Setup

    Repair Pricing

    Service Price Notes
    ServiceAcoustic Bone Saddle Price$135 NotesIncludes Setup
    ServiceAcoustic Brace Reglue Price$125 NotesBase Price
    ServiceAcoustic Bridge Reglue Price$220 NotesBase Price
    ServiceAcoustic Bridge Reglue - Laminate Top Price$250 NotesBase Price
    ServiceAcoustic Crack Repair Price$175 NotesBase Price
    ServiceAcoustic Pickup Installation - Advanced Price$135 Notes-
    ServiceAcoustic Pickup Installation - Soundhole Price$75 Notes-
    ServiceBinding Repair* Price$100 Notes-
    ServiceElectronics Installation - Hollow Body Price$50 Notes-
    ServiceElectronics Installation - Solid Body Price$25.00 Notes-
    ServiceElectronics - Test, Evaluate & Clean Price$25.00 Notes-
    ServiceElectronics Repair - Advanced Price$50.00 Notes-
    ServiceElectronics Repair - Basic Price$25.00 Notes-
    ServiceFret End Filing Price$50.00 Notes-
    ServiceFret Level, Crown & Polish* Price$200 NotesIncludes Setup - Additional Charges for Floyd Rose
    ServiceFull Assembly* PriceN/A NotesQuote Only
    ServiceFull Rewire* PriceN/A NotesQuote Only
    ServiceHeadstock Repair Basic* Price$185 NotesBase Price
    ServiceHumidification Price$25 NotesAs Needed - Prior to Setup
    ServiceNeck Repair Basic* Price$185 NotesBase Price
    ServiceNeck Heat Press* Price$135 NotesIncludes Setup
    ServiceNut Fabrication Price$140 NotesIncludes Setup
    ServiceNut Fabrication 12 String Price$160 NotesIncludes Setup
    ServicePickguard Mounting - Drop In* Price$50.00 NotesRestring Required
    ServicePickup Installation - Hollow Body Price$75 NotesRestring Required
    ServicePickup Installation - Solid Body Price$50.00 NotesRestring Required
    ServicePickup Installation - Solid Body Additional Pickup Price$25 NotesRestring Required
    ServiceRefret - Bound Neck Price$475.00 Notes-
    ServiceRefret - Maple Neck - (Bound or unbound) Price$475.00 Notes-
    ServiceRefret - Partial - (Acoustics Only) Price$295 NotesNo Replacement Nut
    ServiceRefret - Unbound Neck Rosewood or Ebony Price$375 Notes-
    ServiceRefret - Stainless Frets Upcharge Price$75 Notes-
    ServiceRestring - Advanced Price$40 Notes12 Strings, Mandolins, Floyd Rose +
    ServiceRestring - Basic Price$30 Notes-
    ServiceSetup - Advanced Price$95 Notes-
    ServiceSetup - Mandolin, Banjo Price$75 Notes-
    ServiceSetup - Parts Guitar Price$150 Notes-
    ServiceSetup - Signature Price$75 Notes-
    ServiceStrap Button Installation - Single Price$30 Notes-
    ServiceStrap Locks Installation Price$30 Notes-
    ServiceStrap Button Repair Dowel and Drill - Single Price$30 Notes-
    ServiceTuning Machines Installation Price$75 Notes-

    *Requires Quote

    †All Prices subject to change upon inspection.

    Do you have more questions about your guitar setup, repair or vintage guitar restoration? Reach out to us at 1-800-800-0087 or email