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Guitar Repairs - Customization - Restoration

Cream City Music offers world-class guitar repairs in Milwaukee and all of Southeastern Wisconsin. We also specialize in vintage guitar repair and restoration. Our guitar restoration team is comprised of some of the most talented luthiers and techs in the industry, and we are committed to a level of service and quality that is second-to-none.

Repair Pricing Guide

Whether it is a guitar setup or custom repair, the expert repair staff at Cream City Music has seen it all.

Check out our repair and customization pricing guide below to get a better idea about what we can do for you.

Turnaround Time: Most simple repairs and setups take 3-4 business days to complete. More complex repairs can take a longer period of time. Talk with our repair team to get an estimate on how long your repair will take by calling us at 262-860-1800.


Guitar Upgrades & Installations

Strap Button $15
Installation of one strap button with your choice of strap button color (chrome, gold, or black)
Component Installation $25
We install electronic components such as pots, switches, jacks, etc. Parts are not included in the price of installation.
Bone Nut/Saddle (Includes Setup) $125
Our Master Luthier Ron Jones will create a hand-crafted and custom fitted bone nut for your instrument.
Pickups Price
Electric Guitar Pickup $35 per Pickup
Bass Pickup $35 per Pickup
Acoustic Pickup $135

Guitar Repairs

Headstock Repair $175+
We will reglue and repair your instrument's damaged headstock. Price is quoted based upon the severity of damage and whether or not you want to have the finish touched up. We can provide you an immediate quote upon inspection of your instrument.
Bridge Reglue $185
Crack Repair $125
Fret Dress (Includes Setup) $185
Refret (Includes Setup) $375
Refret with Binding (Includes Setup) $450
Neck Reset (Includes Setup) $300+