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Cream City Quick Hit with John Oates of Hall & Oates fame

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Cream City Music caught up with John Oates recently backstage in Milwaukee and asked him what inspired him to take up music. This is what he told us.

Signal Path: How To Get Your Guitar's Holy Grail Of Tone To Your Amp In One Piece

I was reading an article this morning on Fender's Tech Talk forum page about how to organize pedals on a basic pedalboard for best tone and least noise. Called Mass Effects: How To Compose An Effective Effects Chain, Fender's article is for entry to mid-level players and is good info in terms overall order but [...]

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Les Paul, Meet Les Paul

Or, the story of how my '52 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop came to meet the real Les Paul - this story has never been told before.So, it was early July in 2008 and I’d just learned that several of my friends who had been working with Discovery World, Milwaukee to develop a Les Paul Exhibit [...]

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Brian Setzer and the G6120: The Player and the Guitar That Defines Genres

Not many artists in the world can lay claim to defining a genre, but Brian Setzer is one of those few. There are even fewer still, that can be credited with redefining pop music on more than one occasion. Like some wild gamble (or perhaps a roll of the die) the Stray Cats burst onto the [...]

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​The Gretsch G6131T-1965 Jet Firebird FSR - A Dream Come True!

In our latest edition of The Cream City Connection, our very own Ben Derickson shares the story of how his dream of creating the Cream City Music world exclusive Gretsch G6131T-1965 Jet Firebird came to be. Only 16 of these exceptional instruments will ever be made and will enter Gretsch lore as one of the coolest modern [...]

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