Common Questions About Guitar Amps

With a large selection of guitar amplifiers to choose from, Cream City Music makes it easy to pick the perfect amp to complement your guitar. From vintage amps and used amps to newly released models, Cream City Music has it all.

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What is a combo amp?

A combo amp is simply an amp head and speaker cab all in one single unit. Combo amps give you everything you need to plug in and play, with little setup required.

They are great for musicians looking for a grab-and-go guitar amplifier, but need the power required to fill a room.

With little setup required, combo amps are beginner-friendly and have the power that even veteran players rely on.

What is an amp head?

An amp head is the amplifier electronics without the speaker, so when buying an amp head, you will also need to find a speaker cabinet to pair. The amp head processes and amplifies the guitar’s signal and sends this signal to a connected speaker.

Since amp heads are separate from their speaker counterpart, guitarist can mix and match for the ultimate control and customizability over their guitar’s sound.

With the many different sizes, powers, and styles of amp heads, there are endless possibilities to experiment with your sound.

What is a speaker/amp cabinet?

A speaker cabinet is the unit that houses the speaker required to broadcast an electric guitar’s full sound. In order to do so, an amp cabinet needs a head to amplify the guitar’s signal.

Speaker cabinets give musicians the ability to mix and match heads and speakers depending on the size of the gig and venue.

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What are the top guitar amplifier brands?

Cream City Music carries a large selection of the top amp brands. Some of the more popular brands include Marshall Amps, Mesa Boogie, Fender, and Bugera.

We also feature a collection of vintage guitar amps where collectors can find rare boutique amp brands. Past models of some of our favorite brands can also be found within our selection of used guitar amps.