Electric Guitars


Electric guitars have become synonymous with Rock N’ Roll, defining a whole genre and decade of musicians. Spanning from the 1930s until today, electric guitars have come in many shapes, styles, and sounds.

Cream City Music offers musicians a variety of new and used electric guitars. For those looking to get ahold of a beloved classic design, we also have a large collection of vintage electric guitars to explore.

Electric Guitar Body Styles

Electric guitars have come in many shapes and styles throughout their cherished history, but have ended up with three main body styles.

  • Solid Body - First made popular by Gibson’s Les Paul and SG series, solid body electric guitars are unique in that they are made from solid pieces of wood, which produce a wide variety of tones.
  • Semi-Hollow Body - Semi-Hollow bodies tend to be thinner than traditional full-hollow body electrics and feature a block of wood running through the center, giving them the ability to range from warm and harmonic tone to the biting sound of a solid body,
  • Hollow Body - Popularized in the 1930s and 1940s with the help of the Gibson ES-150, hollow body guitars can be identified with their large bodies, hollow chambers, and f-shaped sound holes.

What Style is Right for you?

The best electric guitar will come down to your individual look and sound preferences, but no matter the style you are looking for, our the Cream City Music team will help find the guitar that fits your music style and personality.

Just starting out? The experts at Cream City Music have combed through our collection to find the electric guitars that are great for beginners. With a variety of affordable and stylish guitars to pick from, you can begin your music journey knowing you have the best gear.

If you need more help or can’t find what you're looking for give us a call, stop in to our showroom. Looking for something specific? Fill out our Gear Finder form and we’ll do what we can to find the perfect guitar for you!