Signature Setup

The Cream City Music Signature Setup - It’s What Sets Us Apart

When you buy your guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, or ukulele from Cream City Music we guarantee that you’ll be getting a great playing and great sounding instrument right out of the box. Unlike other guitar shops who sell online we do things a bit differently.

Every single instrument we sell, whether in our retail showroom or through our website, gets a complimentary Cream City Music Signature Setup prior to making its way to its new home. Our master guitar technician will setup your instrument with your choice of string gauge and preferred setup according to your playing style at no extra charge.

Simply put, we want you to have the best possible musical experience you can have with Cream City Music, and that means unboxing your new instrument and having it play like a dream right from the get go.

How do I tell you what kind of strings and setup I want with my order?

Simply include your setup instructions and choice of string gauge in the notes field of your order in the shopping cart or send us an email at along with your order ID# and your setup instructions.

What does a Cream City Music Signature include?

Every instrument that we sell is put through a comprehensive 60-point inspection process to ensure an incredible playing experience. We inspect and optimize every instrument for playability, hardware and structural integrity, completely test the electronics to make sure it functions perfectly, and make certain the fit and finish meets the level of quality that is expected from Cream City Music and the guitar builders we work with.

Are there any limitations to the setup work you will do for my order?

Cream City Music will do just about anything for the setup of your guitar prior to us shipping it to you. However, there are a few limitations and things to note:

1. Any setup requested on a instrument that requires modification of the nut for heavier gauge strings or down-tuning renders the instrument as modified and is therefore not eligible for our return policy.

2. Requests to have a strap button added to an acoustic guitar that does not already have one renders the instrument as modified and is therefore not eligible for our return policy due to the requirement of drilling into the body of the instrument.

3. Modifications to instrument electronics are not included in our Signature Setup. However, we are able to accommodate all electronics modification requests for an additional fee that can be quoted out by our team. Get your quote by emailing us at or by calling us toll-free at 1-800-800-0087 to speak with our sale team. Instruments shipped with electronics modifications are considered modified and therefore not eligible for our return policy.