gretsch-authorizeddealer-badge.jpgCream City Music is known throughout the worldwide Gretsch community as THE go-to source for Gretsch Guitars. To say that we're passionate about the Gretsch brand is an understatement. Our shop is home to the famous 'Gretschworld' showroom which has been described by Fred Gretsch himself as the "Capitol of Gretsch-Nation"! We have one of the largest in-stock selections of Gretsch fretted instruments and parts on the planet and it's all curated by Cream City's Ben Derickson, widely regarded as the top Gretsch product expert in the business. Whatever your need, we're your resource for all things Gretsch!


Gretsch Electric Guitars

As a pioneer in the industry, Gretsch has manufactured the highest quality electric guitars since 1954. With their distinct archtop and cutaway bodies, Gretsch electric guitars make strong impressions no matter the size of the gig.   

When it comes to true hollow body electrics, no manufacturer does it better than Gretsch, and that is on full display with the Gretsch Electromatic Collection. Hollow body Electromatics, such as the Gretsch G5422TG, give guitarists the required functionality without compromising on the guitar’s gorgeous looks. Besides the model’s cosmetic appeal, the G5422TG features a sound post to add stability and increase sustain.

Gretsch is also a top manufacturer in semi hollow body guitars. The G5622T stays with the traditional semi hollow Electromatic look, while being part of the new “center-block” series. The addition of the guitar’s center block helps add sustain and reduce feedback.

Gretsch’s solid body Electromatic models give guitarists alternatives to a traditional electric solid body design. Both the Gretsch G5135 Electromatic Pro Jet and Gretsch G5435 Electromatic Corvette are perfect for those looking to branch out with unique styles.

As home to the famous Gretschworld, Cream City Music is the premier Gretsch dealer, receiving praise from Mr. Fred Gretsch himself: “Gretschworld at Cream City Music is the Capital of Gretsch Nation!”

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