Mesa Boogie Amps

Since 1971, the California-based MESA/Boogie (sometimes referred to as Mesa Engineering) has been manufacturing guitar and bass amps responsible for the soundtracks of generations.

Most noteworthy, Mesa’s founder Randall Smith is credited with developing the first high-gain amplifier. The high-gain Boogie gave guitarists the ability to achieve high overdrive levels without effects pedals--contributing the beloved music of the 70’s and paving the way for modern heavy metal tone.

Now considered the first “boutique” amplifier company, Mesa continues their innovative and soulful tradition of building high quality, versatile amplifiers with all the character of the company’s storied past. 

Mesa amps have been spotted on stage with many of the greats of the past - like Carlos Santana, Lee Michaels, and Keith Richards - to modern artists, like Tom DeLonge (Blink-182), Zach Blair (Rise Against) and Brad Delson (Linkin Park).

Popular models of Mesa amps include the Mark V, Rosette, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, and TC Series--all of which feature the traditional character and feel of Mesa Boogie products with the technological advancements of today’s modern amps.

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