Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Established in 1974 by Bob Taylor, Taylor Guitars is now one of the top manufacturer of acoustic guitars in the United States. Taylor acoustics are enjoyed by thousands of passionate musicians across the country and carried on stage by well-known artists today like Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz and Zac Brown.

Taylor acoustic guitars feature a patented bolt-on neck. Unlike other guitar necks, the Taylor neck utilizes one continuous piece of wood all the way up to the 19th fret.

This unique innovation makes it much easier to realign the guitar’s neck by adjusting the shims attaching the neck to the guitar body, as opposed to other guitars where adjusting the neck involves ungluing the neck joint.

Whether you are looking for a popular acoustic model like the Taylor 110 or a baby Taylor acoustic guitar like the Taylor GS Mini, Cream City Music offers a handpicked selection of high quality Taylor acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars for players of all types.

In our Milwaukee-area showroom, you will find Taylor acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars in many popular styles such as the Grand Auditorium, Grand Symphony, Dreadnought, and Dreadnought Cutaway - all meticulously crafted from high quality spruce, maple, mahogany, and more.

Not sure which Taylor acoustic guitar is best for you? Give us a call toll free at 1-800-800-0087, or complete our Gear Finder form and our dedicated team will answer any questions you may have.