Gibson Electric Guitars

Gibson Electric Guitars

Gibson has been designing and manufacturing high quality electric guitars for more than 60 years, earning their place as on of the highest quality and most iconic electric guitar manufacturers ever.

On the road to establishing themselves as an esteemed instrument brand, Gibson enlisted artists and engineers to research, design and test their pilot electric guitar, the ES-150. With the success of the ES-150, Gibson Guitar Company embarked on an innovative journey that would forever change not only the guitar industry but the music industry as a whole.

Gibson’s partnership with Les Paul, one of the most popular guitarists of the 1950s, produced one of the most iconic instruments of all time. Aptly named the Gibson Les Paul, this model eventually became a common site on stages across the world.

Beyond the Les Paul, you can also find a variety of other Gibson models, like the Explorer, ES-335, or SG, in the hands of weekend warriors and music icons alike.

Cream City’s impressive selection of new, used, or vintage Gibson electric guitars carries on the legacy of this historic brand with the tone and feel that has inspired generations of musicians. Now you can be part of that tradition.

When you buy your Gibson electric from Cream City Music, you can trust you’re getting a quality, playable instrument at a great price. Every instrument that goes out the door is put through our signature 35-point inspection.

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Cream City Music also buys used and vintage Gibson electrics. Whether you’re offloading an entire collection or selling a single piece, find out what makes us the best place to sell your gear.