Ibanez Electric Guitars

Ibanez Guitars began manufacturing budget electric guitars for the growing Japanese and American guitar markets in the mid 1950’s. In the 1970’s Ibanez began producing copies of guitars from Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker, among others. Although the originality that would come to define Ibanez was not yet apparent, the quality of Ibanez’s “lawsuit era” guitars is unquestionable.

It’s in this “Post-lawsuit” era, beginning around 1980, the Ibanez we know and love started to take shape.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the Ibanez guitar company established a relationship with the famous guitarist Steve Vai which resulted in the IBanez JEM and IBanez Universe models. The success of these models combined with the success of the Roadstar and Iceman models allowed Ibanez to become the well known electric guitar powerhouse that it is today.

Ibanez electric guitars are a favorite of many popular musicians including Nita Strauss, Tom Quayle, Coy Dowles, Paul Gilbert Chris Miller, Joe Satriani, Paul Stanley and more!

Solid Body Electric Guitars

Ibanez solid body electric guitars have become the go to guitar for musicians looking for low action and fast necks. Solid body guitars like the RG series feature the “wizard” neck, which is especially thin for faster playing. Ibanez electric guitars like the RGD include an extra deep scoop cut on the lower horn for easier access to higher frets and the ability to be played at lower tuning without sacrificing string tension. The combination of speed and aggressive but familiar body shapes have made Ibanez guitars especially popular with heavy metal and rock guitarists around the world.

Hollow Body Electric Guitars

Ibanez hollow body electric guitars are designed to give entry to mid level players the opportunity to enjoy the features of a high end hollow body or semi-hollow body electric guitar without the high end price.

Popular hollow body electric guitars like the Ibanez AK is designed for jazz and blues music with a slim set in neck and a body created for easy access to higher frets.

At Cream City Music we offer a great selection of solid body and semi-hollow Ibanez electric guitars in a variety of styles and colors and in left or right handed configuration.

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