The Cream City Music Signature Service Setup

Every instrument that we sell or service is put through a comprehensive 35 point inspection process to ensure an incredible playing experience.

1. Stretch the strings numerous times until stable tuning is achieved.
2. Check the string height and action and adjust as needed.
3. Check intonation with a strobe tuner and adjust for maximum accuracy.
4. Play all strings open and check for buzz.
5. Play all notes across the fretboard and check for buzz.
6. Play a broad variety of chords with varying dynamics.
7. Retune the instrument and prepare it for shipping or customer pickup.

8. Check the tightness of the output jack nut.
9. Check that strap buttons are tight and secure.
10. Check the tuning machines for proper operation.
11. Check and test the vibrato for smooth and trouble free operation.

12. Check for smooth and noiseless operation of all potentiometers.
13. Check for smooth and noiseless operation of all switches.
14. Check the output jack for a proper plug fit and tension.
15. Check pickup height and adjust as needed.
16. Check pickups for proper output levels & sound quality.
17. Test push / pull pots (when applicable).
18. Test onboard tuner (when applicable).
19. Test onboard preamp (when applicable).
20. Clean & lubricate output jack.

Fit & Finish
21. Inspect headstock.
22. Inspect tuning machines.
23. Inspect nut and file or lubricate as needed.
24. Inspect neck surface and all fret markers.
25. Inspect frets and provide light dressing as needed. (Full fret filing and fret dressing available at an additional charge)
26. Inspect neck joint.
27. Inspect neck curvature and adjust truss rod as needed to ensure smooth and straight play.
28. Inspect body front including the pickguard.
29. Inspect body sides including any cutaways and hardware installation points.
30. Inspect body back including any back plates.

Final Prep
31. Polish headstock.
32. Polish neck.
33. Polish the back of the body.
34. Polish the front and sides.
35. Inspect interior and exterior of case (when applicable).