29 Pedals JFET Boost Pedal

  • 29 Pedals JFET Boost Pedal
  • 29 Pedals JFET Boost Pedal
  • 29 Pedals JFET Boost Pedal
  • 29 Pedals JFET Boost Pedal
  • 29 Pedals JFET Boost Pedal
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The 29 Pedals JFET Boost is a premium boost pedal with plenty of power under the hood, making it the perfect tool for players looking to supercharge their signal. Featuring three different modes, this pedal gives guitarists several exciting sounds to choose from, allowing them to tailor their tone to suit any setting. If you've been searching for a boutique boost pedal with a rich, tube-like sound, the JFET Boost is exactly what you need.

As soon as you unbox the JFET Boost, you'll notice it has three unique modes - "N," "X," and "F" - that provide its signature sound. "N" stands for normal - in this mode, it behaves like a typical boost pedal, slightly bumping the trebles. Set it to "F," and it'll dish out a full-bodied boost with more heft and weight. The final mode, "X," flattens the JFET circuit below 10Hz, giving your signal an incredibly solid, tight, and full sound.

Aside from the mode selector, the JFET Boost features a Level control that sets the pedal's overall output. It's placed after the boost circuit but before the output driver, keeping your tone pure and consistent. And with 19dB of gain on tap, guitarists have plenty of volume to play with.

Whether you need an always-on input driver or something to push your playing to the front of the mix, the 29 Pedals JFET Boost is an excellent pedal that's more than capable of delivering the goods.

Type: Boost
Controls: Mode selector, Level
Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
Outputs: 1 x 1/4"