AC Noises URLA Synth Fuzz Pedal

  • AC Noises URLA Synth Fuzz Pedal
  • AC Noises URLA Synth Fuzz Pedal
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The URLA from AC Noises is a loud, aggressive, experimental fuzz unit that packs two effects - a biting CMOS fuzz placed in front of a synth-based dual resonant filter - into one pedal, creating chaotic fuzz tones. If you love bit-crushed, fuzzy mayhem, the URLA is the perfect pedal for you.

Unlike transistor-based fuzz units that have wide dynamic ranges and nuances, the URLA gets its sound from a CMOS chip that produces a square wave, creating a glitchy and gated fuzz sound with loads of sustain followed by a quick decay. The CMOS chip design allows the URLA to deliver a unique, face-melting fuzz tone with a 'metallic' texture, great for players who want a mean, snarling, mechanical-sounding dirt pedal.

The URLA features two primary controls: Volume and Blend. The Volume (fuzz) knob sets the output of the fuzz effect, while the Volume (filter) controls the output level of the dual filter. The Blend knob allows users to blend fuzz in with their dry signal, from almost fully clean to massively distorted.

What sets the URLA apart from your standard dirt pedal is its Dual Resonant Filter, a faithful replica of the Korg MS-20's analog filter, and it allows players to create a whole new world of menacing fuzz tones. This filter is a high pass filter connected in series with a low pass filter, both adjustable with their relative controls of Cutoff and Peak. Players can adjust the Cutoff to select where the frequencies are cut (from 50hz to 15kHz,) while the Peak knobs react with the Cutoff to create a secondary peak form, coloring the original pitch. Adjust these knobs to your liking, and you'll conjure up a vast array of gnarly fuzz tones - from deep, subby, and earth-shattering to robotic and speaker-shredding.

Complete with expression pedal capability that allows users to control the Cutoff of their favorite filter, the URLA is a one-of-a-kind fuzz pedal with a wealth of crushing synthy fuzz tones at its disposal - ideal for adventurous players and tone explorers alike.

Power Requirements: 9V center negative
Current Draw: 100 mA minimum
Switching System: true bypass managed by soft switch + programmed relay.