Alexander Pedals Equilibrium DLX Harmonic Tremolo / Vibrato Pedal


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The Equilibrium by Alexander Pedals takes its inspiration from vintage tremolos. Featuring three unique modes and painted in a unique '50s style finish, it has incredible appeal in look and tone alike. The Mode toggle switch effectively turns the Equilibrium from a Tremolo into two unique vibratos. The Harmonic setting is based on swirling '60s modulation, while the Vibrato setting is a focused 1950s-style tone. Rate, Depth, Shape, and Mix knobs allow further tonal control to the player. The Equilibrium by Alexander Pedals delivers nothing but the best in authentic retro trem/vibe tones.

About the Equilibrium DLX:

The Equilibrium DLX is Alexander Pedals' updated vintage modulation pedal - evoking the buttery, sputtery, wobbly sounds of yesteryear,  While the Equilibrium DLX sounds completely vintage, it crams all the "mod cons" into a pedalboard-friendly package.


-Rate - Adjusts the rate of modulation from a slow pulse to a rapid flutter
-Depth - Controls the amount of modulation from barely perceptible to seasick
-Shape - Tweaks the waveform from a rounded sine wave to an abrupt square
-Mix - Blends between the dry and the modulated signals
-Mode toggle switch lets you choose from Tremolo, Harmonic, and Vibrato settings