Alexander Pedals Space Force Reverb Pedal

  • Alexander Pedals Space Force Reverb Pedal
  • Alexander Pedals Space Force Reverb Pedal
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The Space Force from Alexander Pedals is a top-notch reverb unit with a wealth of fantastic sounds at its disposal. Jam-packed with eight expressive settings and tons of adjustable parameters, the Space Force is perfect for everything from adding some space to your sound to creating massive, cosmic atmospheres.

Although the Space Force has a whole lot going on under the hood, using it is pretty simple. Just plug your instrument into the Input jack, run a cable from your output into another effect or your amplifier, and start turning some knobs. As soon as you touch a knob, the OLED display will change to show what is happening. If you're the kind of player who doesn't like adjusting settings, don't worry - the Space Force has plenty of stellar presets onboard that can be accessed by holding down the right footswitch.

For true tone adventurers, the Space Force has plenty of tweakability, allowing users to create virtually any reverb sound under the sun. Players can select from eight modes - Plate, Mod Hall, Pitch, Spring, Lo-Fi, Analog, Dynamic, and Echoverb - to suit any possible performance setting. Once you've selected your sound, just activate the lower-right knob's pushbutton function, and you'll be able to tailor your reverb's size, tone, decay, mix, and much more for unprecedented sonic exploration.

Complete with stereo routing, MIDI functionality, and expression pedal compatibility, Alexander Pedal's Space Force is perfect for players seeking an incredibly powerful and versatile reverb pedal.

Input: Mono or stereo (TRS)
Output: Mono or stereo (use either TRS or dual TS)
Input Impedance: 1M ohms
Output Impedance: 560 ohms
Power Requirements: DC 9V only, 250mA or greater
Requires isolated DC power supply
Dimensions: 2.4" x 4.7" x 1.6" W x H x D not including knobs (67 x 120 x 42mm)
32 user presets
MultiJack enables expression pedal, foot switch, or MIDI input
EXP Morph allows controlling all knobs from expression or MIDI
Automated ramping function for expression without external pedal
CTL foot switch for tap tempo or ramp trigger
USB port for firmware updates and USB MIDI
Buffered bypass (hybrid analog+digital)