Alexander Pedals Superball Delay Pedal

available for immediate delivery


Alexander Pedals' Superball is an all-new delay pedal with a dynamic set of controls that yields a huge variety of sounds. It is essentially a delay pedal with Time, Repeat, Mix, and Filter controls. The Superball also lets you choose between LFO and Sequenced, and Lo and Hi Range, so you can modulate, filter, and delay to your heart’s desire. The pedal also comes with full expression control, ramping via footswitch, 1/4 MIDI, and the USB connectivity that NEO Series users love. If you’re looking for a “bouncy” digital delay with an unpredictable, experimental set of controls, then the Superball from Alexander Pedals is a fantastic choice.


-Digital Delay with highly dynamic controls
-Time, Repeat, Mix, and Filter Controls
-1/4 MIDI
-USB Connectivity
-Hi/Lo and LFO/Sequenced settings