Beetronics Wannabee Beelateral Buzz Dual Overdrive Pedal

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Unleash a raging swarm of overdrive with the Beetronics Wannabee Beelateral Buzz, a dual overdrive pedal with a wealth of sizzlin' tones on tap. This innovative stompbox combines two revered overdrive circuits, each with three unique settings, allowing users to create everything from a warm, subtle growl to a powerful, amp-like distortion. If you've been searching for a killer overdrive pedal that brings a modern twist to two timeless dirt effects, you need to check out the Beetronics Wannabee.

The Wannabee's first circuit (#0) is based around the iconic Bluesbreaker, and it's perfect for dishing out vintage amp tones with a clear, warm, and articulate response. Musicians can change this circuit's character using the mini toggle switch, selecting either a midrange boost, a flat response, or a low-end boost. The second circuit (#1), inspired by the Klon Centaur, delivers that instantly recognizable transparent overdrive, but with added flexibility. Its mode switch lets players adjust the clean blend, depending on the level of grit they want in their signal.

Unique to the Wannabee Beelateral Buzz is its advanced routing system that unlocks even more tonal possibilities. The center toggle switch allows musicians to blend both circuits in parallel or flip the order of the overdrive circuits for new and exciting sonic textures. After choosing a routing option, users can adjust the intensity and the brightness of the overdrive effect using the Honey (gain) and Taste (tone) knobs, respectively. Additionally, the dual footswitches offer instant access to each circuit, either separately or in combination, granting you the ability to shape your sound on the fly.

The Beetronics Wannabee Beelateral Buzz Dual Overdrive pedal promises an utterly unique take on two of the most revered drive circuits of all time, and that's a great thing for adventurous players looking to ignite their creative spark. Embrace the future of overdrive with the Beetronics Wannabee Beelateral Buzz, a top-notch dirt pedal with a mean, snarling sound!

Analog/Digital: Analog
Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
Footswitch: 2 x 3PDT
True Bypass: Yes
Power Requirements: 9V DC
Current Draw: 30mA
Weight: 1.1 lbs
Dimensions: 5.5" x 4" x 2.5"