Beetronics Zzombee Filtremulator Multi Effects Pedal

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Beetronics' Zzombee Filtremulator is an analog multi-effects pedal that combines four gain stages and three modulated filter modes to create a stellar array of effects. Capable of conjuring crushing distortion, warbling tremolo, booming sub-octaves, massive swells, and more, the Zzombee is perfect for players seeking a boutique multi-effects unit.

The sounds found in the Zzombee are highly distinct, as the instrument signal goes through four gain stages and runs parallel to a monophonic low octave circuit. Players can then apply filters to either circuit, resulting in a wide range of one-of-a-kind sounds. If you're the kind of player who loves wahs and LFOs, you'll love the Zzombee's three modes of modulated filter, which can be used to create 'funkadelic' wah-like effects, honey waves of LFO, or over fifty thousand random patterns. Players can also experiment with the three modes of modulated amplitude to create a remarkable cross-tremolo effect, traditional tremolo sounds, or volume swells. Keep turning knobs, and you'll unleash sizzlin' overdrives, speaker-shredding fuzz tones, and a wealth of awesome and unique effects.

Complete with a momentary footswitch, tap-tempo functionality, cv control, an expression out, and the ability to save presets, the Beetronics Zzombee Filtremulator is a jaw-droppingly cool multi-effects pedal, perfect for players who love experimenting with out-of-this-world tones.

Pedal Size: 5.5" x 4" x 2.75" (including knobs, switches and etc)
Pedal Weight: 0.9 lbs
Current Draw - 100mA
Power Requirements: 9VDC power supply, center negative (not included)