Benson Amps Stonk Box Fuzz Pedal

  • Benson Amps Stonk Box Fuzz Pedal
  • Benson Amps Stonk Box Fuzz Pedal
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The Benson Amps Stonk Box is a primal-sounding fuzz pedal inspired by the legendary MK1 Tone Bender. This gritty stompbox implements many features of the MK1 but with a slew of performance upgrades, making it a must-have for guitarists seeking a premium fuzz pedal with a rich, old-school character.

To ensure a consistent sound, Benson Amps built the Stonk Box with a circuit that gently warms the germanium transistors to a preset point. This means that no matter the outside temperature, this pedal will have a consistent sound for optimal performance. Once the LED has switched from amber to green, the germanium transistors are properly warmed and ready to dish out face-melting tones.

Like the vintage MK1 Tone Bender, the Stonk Box sports a VOLUME and a FILTER control that allow users to set a good baseline for their fuzz sound. Unlike the MK1, it has a ton of volume on tap and can push your amp into sonic mayhem when cranked. Additionally, the FILTER knob controls the gain and the bias point of the first gain stage, giving the Stonk Box a milder character when turned down. It should be noted that this pedal was born to sling dirty, grinding tones-even at lower settings, there will still be some nice, saturated drive.

The Stonk Box also features TRIM and TONE controls that allow guitarists to further fine-tune their signal. By adjusting the TRIM knob, users can change the input gain, giving it a tamer or more aggressive character depending its setting. The TONE knob engages a low-pass filter that acts like a tilt EQ, and it's great for balancing out the Stonk Box's brightness with some body and bass.

A killer-sounding fuzz pedal built with premium components, the Benson Amps Stonk Box is a must-have for any guitarist seeking a stellar vintage-inspired fuzz unit. Whether you're chasing the sounds of the MK1 Tone Bender or need a dirt pedal that can serve up anything from thick analog fuzz to warm drive and more, the Stonk Box is sure to impress.

Type: Fuzz
Power Requirements: 9V DC center negative