Benson Germanium Preamp Pedal

  • Benson Germanium Preamp Pedal
  • Benson Germanium Preamp Pedal
  • Benson Germanium Preamp Pedal
  • Benson Germanium Preamp Pedal
  • Benson Germanium Preamp Pedal
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Introducing the Benson Germanium Preamp Pedal, a powerhouse of tone and versatility. This incredible guitar pedal takes inspiration from Benson's legendary amp-in-a-box preamp, but replaces the first FET transistor with a germanium one. The result? A studio-grade stompbox that flawlessly combines the rich, gritty germanium transistor sound with the precise tone-shaping power of the original Benson Preamp pedal.

The Benson Germanium Preamp pedal boasts an intuitive 4-knob interface for the perfect blend of simplicity and versatility. The Treble and Bass controls are your bread and butter - boost the treble, and you'll conjure a bright, sparkling tone that'll cut through any mix. Crank the bass, and this stompbox will pump out a fuller sound with more body, low-end, and midrange punch.

The Drive control is the Germanium Preamp's secret weapon, courtesy of its large gain range. Need a clean boost? Keep it low, and you'll have a clear, musical tone that brings life to solos and lead lines. Want a sizzlin' overdrive or a creamy fuzz? Start rolling the Drive knob past noon, and you'll have plenty of grit, snarl, and aggression to play with.

Benson's Germanium Preamp is the ideal guitar pedal for musicians who love the raw, saturated sound of germanium transistors but need something more refined. Get yours today and experience a new level of warmth, sparkle, and grit!

Power Requirements: 9VDC Boss style adapter or Battery 50mA