Blackstar AMPED 3 100-Watt Guitar Amplifier Pedal

  • Blackstar AMPED 3 100-Watt Guitar Amplifier Pedal
  • Blackstar AMPED 3 100-Watt Guitar Amplifier Pedal
  • Blackstar AMPED 3 100-Watt Guitar Amplifier Pedal
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Blackstar's AMPED 3 is the newest member of the AMPED lineage, and it's the perfect tool for players seeking a compact multi-channel guitar amp. While the AMPED and AMPED 2 were praised for their impressive tone and intuitive design, this new model features one of the highest gain circuits that Blackstar has ever developed, making it great for players who want a premium tone without compromising on volume. Whether you're looking to drive another amp, power a cabinet at 100 Watts, or go direct, the AMPED 3 is a powerful unit that's more than capable of delivering the goods.

The AMPED 3 features six unique preamp voices that cover a wide range of tonal ground. Whether you need bright, jangly cleans, dirty, driving leads, or gut-punching rhythm tones, the AMPED 3's preamp settings are fine-tuned to deliver an excellent valve amp-inspired sound that'll bring your playing to life. In addition to the preamp voices, this unit has a built-in boost pedal and two studio-grade reverb effects, giving players the freedom to refine their tone to their heart's content. Once you've found a sound you love, just save it with the press of a footswitch, and you'll be able to recall it at a moment's notice.

For further tone shaping, the AMPED 3 offers three different power valve responses that simulate the response, dynamics, sag, and break-up one would expect from a genuine tube amp. These responses can be delivered at 100W, 20W, or 1W, unlocking different tonal characteristics from each setting. The AMPED 3 also features CabRig speaker emulation that sounds nearly indistinguishable from a real speaker cab, so it'll sound fantastic when connected to an audio interface, stage box, or mixing desk.

Complete with MIDI functionality, a built-in tuner, and more, the Blackstar AMPED 3 is an excellent tool for players seeking a powerful, compact guitar amp that sounds great in the studio and on the stage.

-100-Watt floorboard amp with three channels
-6 total amp voices and 3 power amp responses to craft your own tone
-Built-in clean boost with pre/post routing switch
-Cab Rig with three presets, output over USB-C, XLR DI, and 1⁄4" headphones jack
-Speaker outputs to power 8 or 16 ohm cabinets
-9V DC outputs to power effects pedals
-MIDI control over all parameters
-Footswitchable reverb with dark/light voicing
-Built-in tuner