Bondi Effects Squish As Compressor Pedal

  • Bondi Effects Squish As Compressor Pedal
  • Bondi Effects Squish As Compressor Pedal
  • Bondi Effects Squish As Compressor Pedal
  • Bondi Effects Squish As Compressor Pedal
  • Bondi Effects Squish As Compressor Pedal
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Introducing the Bondi Effects Squish As compressor pedal - your go-to solution for preserving the rich nuances of your tone while unveiling a new level of detail you've never experienced before. Featuring state-of-the-art technology and an intuitive interface, this pedal is perfect for players seeking a top-of-the-line compressor with a clean, precise sound.

At the heart of the Squish As compressor is a Blackmer VCA and a True RMS Detector. This gives it a remarkably clear, natural sound that captures your entire dynamic range, unlike many optical and JFET compressors.

Bondi Effects built the Squish As to be as user-friendly as possible while allowing for precise tone shaping. Musicians can use the Sensitivity knob to adjust the compression threshold, while the ratio control has a range of 1:1 - ∞:1 - you can use this pedal to slightly smooth things out or apply brick-wall limiting. For further signal sculpting, players can adjust the Squish As compressor's makeup gain (Output), Tone (only affects compressed signal), and Blend.

Some musicians may notice that the Squish As doesn't feature an attack control - that's because the attack rate is program-dependent. It's automatically set to interact with the player's input in a highly musical way that brings life to your playing. As a good rule of thumb, the more you squish your signal, the faster the attack.

With a broad audio frequency bandwidth and a versatile Sensitivity range from -6.3dBu to -46.3dBu, the Squish As compressor isn't just a guitar pedal - it also works great for bass and synth.

Whether you're a budding guitarist or a multi-instrumentalist seeking a clear, defined-sounding compressor, the Bondi Effects Squish As compressor is sure to impress - its clarity and consistency are unrivaled.

Input Impedance: 500kΩ @ 1kHz
Output Impedance: 560Ω @ 1kHz
Input Level: Rail to rail, approx. +12dBu
Output Level: Rail to rail, approx. +12dBu
Noise: -96dBu, A-weighted 20Hz to 20000Hz
THD: Typically less than 0.02%, any compression amount up to 40dB @ 1kHz
SNR: Typically less than 82dB at threshold of limiting.
Frequency Response (-3dB): 20Hz to 20000Hz
Attack Time: Program dependent;-10dB ≈ 15mS, -20dB ≈ 5mS, -30dB ≈ 2.5mS
Release Time: 125dB/S or 8mS/dB
Dimensions: 126.5mm * 66mm * 55mm
Power requirements: 9V centre negative, < 70mA