Boss DS-2 TURBO Dual-Mode Distortion Pedal


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The TURBO Distortion DS-2 from Boss gives you two roaring distortion pedals in one for maximum tonal versatility. From crunchy blues rhythms to sizzling high-gain leads, the TURBO Distortion does an outstanding job at giving the user plenty of options. Level, Tone, and Distortion knobs cover the basic adjustments, while the two-way Turbo knob lets you switch between I and II distortions. Mode I is rhythm-focused and great for subtler distortion, while Mode II boosts the midrange and gain, making it great for lead playing. The DS-2 also sports a Remote jack so that players can connect a footswitch for instant switching between modes I and II. An incredibly versatile, do-it-all distortion, the DS-2 TURBO is an excellent choice for any player looking to make their sound grittier.

-Classic BOSS distortion tones with added Turbo modes
-Turbo Mode I produces warm and mellow distortion with flat frequency response
-Turbo Mode II provides biting distortion with a mid-range boost, perfect for leads
-Built-in remote jack allows users to connect an external footswitch such as the FS-5L for instant, hands-free switching between modes
-BOSS five-year warranty