Boss GX-100 Guitar Effects Processor

  • Boss GX-100 Guitar Effects Processor
  • Boss GX-100 Guitar Effects Processor
  • Boss GX-100 Guitar Effects Processor
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The Boss GX-100 Guitar Effects Processor is one of the most advanced effects processors on the market, featuring premium BOSS tone technologies, a streamlined modern design, and an intuitive color touch display for easy editing and sound creation.

The GX-100 offers 23 incredibly authentic-sounding amp and speaker cabinet settings that use Boss's AIRD technology to perfectly recreate the superior tone of a real amplifier. It also features different AIRD Output Select types, allowing users to tailor their sound for any destination, whether it's an amp input, FRFR monitor, or PA.

Players will love the GX-100's extensive library of over 150 top-notch effects that include both the conventional (overdrives, distortions, reverbs) and the Boss classics like Slow Gear, Octave, and more. With 15 dedicated block types - including two amp blocks - users will be able to create a nearly infinite combination of effects to suit any performance setting. Once you've assembled your desired signal chain, you'll be able to save it to one of the GX-100's 200 user memory slots to be recalled at a moment's notice.

For maximum control, the GX-100 has eight footswitches and an expression pedal that come configured for patch/bank selection but can be reassigned at any point for different purposes. If you're looking for direct stompbox-like control, set the GX-100 to Manual mode, and each footswitch will trigger an assigned effect. If you need to switch amp channels remotely, you can use a footswitch and the GX-100's designated output jack to switch to your heart's content.

In addition to being an ultra-powerful effects processor, the GX-100 can act as a USB audio interface for recording and performing. Users can record directly into a DAW, re-amp tracks, monitor their sound, and more using the GX-100's outputs, eliminating the need for buying a separate interface entirely. And with the GX-100's optional Bluetooth Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor, players can wirelessly adjust settings mid-performance from the mobile BOSS Tone Studio app or stream backing music from their device's library.

Complete with a headphone jack, an onboard looper, and a sleek modern design, the GX-100 is ideal for musicians seeking a powerful multi-purpose tool for maximum sonic expression.

-Powerful, easy-to-use amp/effects processor for guitar and bass
-24-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating-point processing, and 48kHz sampling rate
-Authentic tube amplifier tone and touch response with AIRD technology
-23 amplifier types and over 150 Boss effects
-Ultra-flexible amp/effect routing with 15 assignable blocks
-Wide selection of onboard speaker types and support for loading WAV speaker IRs
-Streamlined modern design with intuitive color touch display and rugged metal chassis
-Unlimited effects control with freely assignable onboard footswitches and expression pedal with toe switch
-Connect up to two footswitches or an expression pedal for expanded control
-Send/return loop for external pedals or four cable method
-Control jack for remote channel switching on your amplifier
-MIDI I/O jacks and multi-channel computer recording via USB
-Edit sounds from your computer with Boss Tone Studio for macOS and Windows
-Optional Bluetooth Audio MIDI dual adapter allows you to edit sounds and stream audio from an iOS or Android mobile device

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