Boss SY-200 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal

  • Boss SY-200 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal
  • Boss SY-200 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal
  • Boss SY-200 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal
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Building on the designs of the beloved SY-1, BOSS's new SY-200 offers cosmic waves of analog-inspired polyphonic tones to guitarists and bassists alike. This pedal can change your guitar or bass signal into an impressively versatile analog-style synth, unlocking a whole new realm of creative expression. With over 170 sounds conveniently organized into 12 categories, this SY-200 synth pedal has loads of great synth sounds on tap. If you prefer deeper tone shaping, though, that's no problem for the SY-200. This unit allows you to easily adjust the parameters of any desired effect so that you can really fine-tune your sound. Once you've found a tone you enjoy, you can save it to one of the SY-200's 128 memory slots to be instantly recalled whenever needed. That isn't where the versatility ends for this stompbox, though. You can choose to patch this effect into your signal chain like a standard pedal or use the send and output jacks to route synth and straight guitar sounds to different destinations. With the send/return loop and level knobs, it's even possible to create unique hybrid sounds by blending your other pedals in parallel with different synth voices. If you're a true tone adventurer seeking an impeccably designed stompbox to suit your creative needs, BOSS's SY-200 might be just the pedal you need.

- Advanced BOSS polyphonic guitar synth technology in a streamlined 200 series pedal
- 12 analog-style synth categories with many variations in each (171 sounds total)
- Three adjustable parameters for customizing sounds
- 128 memories for saving and recalling sounds
- Fast sound creation with hands-on controls and large display
- No special pickup required-play rich, dynamic synth tones with any guitar or bass
- Latency-free performance for unrestricted musical expression
- Assignable Memory/CTL 1 switch for memory change, hold, pitch control, and more
- Blend synth and normal guitar sounds with independent level controls
- Parallel send/return loop for easy integration with other pedals on your board
- Selectable modes for globally optimizing the synth engine for guitar or bass
- Supports extended control with up to two external footswitches or an expression pedal
- Full MIDI I/O provided with 3.5 mm TRS jacks (connection cables available separately)
- Micro USB jack for firmware updates
- Runs on PSA-series AC adaptor or three AA-size batteries

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