British Pedal Company Compact Series MKII Tone Bender Fuzz Pedal

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Unleash the rich, gritty sound of '60s rock 'n' roll with the British Pedal Company Compact Series MKII Tone Bender. This gnarly fuzz pedal is a premium replica of the 1966 PROFESSIONAL MKII model, a top-notch unit favored by guitar legend Jimmy Page. If you've been searching for a top-notch vintage-inspired fuzz unit with a remarkably full sound, you can't beat the Compact Series MKII Tone Bender.

This fuzz pedal sounds just like its '60s predecessor, courtesy of its trio of OC81D transistors. Similarly, its interface is just as simple as the vintage unit - a dedicated LEVEL knob sets the pedal's output, while the ATTACK control adjusts the intensity, sharpness, and saturation of the fuzz effect. But don't let that fool you - with the two knobs alone, you can dial in an extensive range of classic, growlin' tones, from mildly overdriven to fully fuzzed-out.

Compared to the MKI Tone Bender, the MKII is notably fatter and rounder sounding - it preserves your guitar's low-end exceptionally well, resulting in a creamier-sounding fuzz.

Complete with a heavy-duty Silver Hammerite die-cast enclosure, the British Pedal Company Compact Series MKII Tone Bender is the ultimate guitar pedal for musicians who love thick and gritty old-school fuzz tones.

Effect Type: Fuzz
Transistors: 3 x OC81D
Controls: Attack, Level
Casing: Die-cast Case
Color: Silver Hammerite
9V PSU Compatible: Yes
Accessories: Stickers, Badges, BPC Bag, Certificate of Authenticity